Elan 6.4 works very slow on a MacBook Air and keep hanging/freeze on a Windows Surface as well

Hi! I’m working on video transcription in ELAN 6.4. unfortunately this program works veeeery slowly on a MacBook Air (actually I couldn’t do anything). I also try work on a Windows Surface - it working but it hanging every 15 minutes. What can I do to fix it or improve it?


It is very difficult to understand what is going on, especially on the MacBook, without further information. I’m wondering whether the problems could be related to the encoding of the video (just a guess)? Could you check if you encounter the same problems with e.g. one of the ACLEW example sets that can be downloaded from this resources page?


Thank you for your response! I tried work with ACLEW example and there isn’t any issues. So about my video - it can be something wrong with a quality of video interview or length (it has 21 minutes)?

The size and/or quality of the video is probably not the issue, but the encoding might be.
Maybe you can try if re-encoding the video following the guidelines in this media encoding guide improves the situation?