Difficulties in using Lexicon

Hello! I am trying to import a lexicon, but the import button is inactive in “Edit Lexicon Services”. By the way as the delete button as well. Maybe I am doing something in the wrong manner, so I would like to get an explanation.

Grateful in advance

Yes, I understand this is a bit unclear and confusing. The Edit Lexicon Services interface is for configuring (web) services that provide access to (online) lexicons. This is based on an extension mechanism so that services that are not “known” to ELAN can be added by the user.

To import a lexicon into ELAN, you have to switch to Interlinearization Mode (in the Options menu) and then, on the left side, choose the option Import Lexicon... in the Lexicon Actions drop down menu. The list of supported formats is limited, so there is no guarantee that your lexicon can actually be imported, but you can try it here.


Hello! Thank you very much, now I understand.

Sorry for bothering you, but my question lies in the same context: I have already created several lexicons, but now I would like to delete part of them, it it possible? Thank you


Hello, there is (indeed) no Delete Lexicon in that same drop down menu yet (still to be added). At the moment lexicons can only be removed on the level of the file system. The lexicons are stored in a folder named LexanLexicons in ELAN’s data folder. Each lexicon is in its own file named lexicon_name.xml It is best to remove files there when ELAN is not running.
Lexical entries can be removed in the Interlinear Mode interface, one-by-one (no batch removal of entries yet).

Hello! Thank you a lot! it worked!