Deep linking in ELAN

Is there currently a way to deep link to a point in an EAF file?
For instance, if I want to cite a word on a tier in an EAF file from a different document in the same directory, is there a way to call ELAN and have the application open the eaf file at that point? This would be similar to how zoom opens via the zoom application, a specific room when I send a zoom invite link to a friend.

Currently there is no such functionality (but something like that is on the request list).
At the moment it is only possible to open an eaf and jump to a point (activate an annotation) when you are already in ELAN, e.g. when using multiple file search.
There is some similarity with the way how ELAN users can share comments; annotations are identified by means of a urn consisting of the unique id of the annotation file, extended with fragment identifiers for the time interval and the tier. But there is at the moment no way to use this from within another application. ELAN doesn’t have the facilities for that and some level of integration with the operating system would be required, I guess.
I don’t think it would be sufficient if such functionality would only work if documents are in the same directory; that probably wouldn’t fit the workflow of many users.