Date of Release on previous releases?


I am wondering how to find the date of a previous release. Is this possible? I don’t see the date of a previous release here on the previous release page: (I do see the version number).

I found the following group of pages, which for my purposes is enough:

Though I do have a question about the actual release date of version 1.0… I see that the change log goes back to version 1.1 So I was wondering when the first debut was… and at the time who was/were the developer(s)?


Indeed, the release dates are mentioned on the release history pages, not (yet) in the overview table of previous releases. We could add the dates there too, that would make sense.

So far, after a quick search in old back-ups etc., we didn’t find an exact release date of version 1.0. It seems the first formal DTD for the document format is from July 2001, but it is not unlikely that the first release is from before that time. There have been several predecessor tools that at some point have been bundled and/or renamed into ELAN.

The first developers were Hennie Brugman and Albert Russel, head of the department was Peter Wittenburg. Important context projects were Eudico and DoBeS.
Here are some references to papers that can give you an idea of the (pre-)history of this tool::

Hennie Brugman and Peter Wittenburg (2001) The application of annotation models for the construction of databases and tools. IRCS Workshop on Linguistic Databases, University of Pennsylvania.

Brugman, Hennie & Russel, Albert & Broeder, Daan & Wittenburg, Peter. (2002). EUDICO, Annotation and Exploitation of Multi Media Corpora over the Internet.

Hennie Brugman. Annotated Recordings and Texts in the DoBeS Project.

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