Crash on M1 Mac

Hi, ELAN 6.6 and ELAN 6.4. I report crash on M1 MacBook Air (2020) and Intel macOS High Sierra. Is it a common issue? Do you have any advice on which version fits for our laptops? Thank you, if you’ll reply.


Well, on the Intel Mac only the version without the “-M1” suffix in the name will work, on the M1 Mac it is best to download the version with the “-M1” suffix. Apart from that it is difficult to advise, it would be useful to have some more information about e.g. when crashes occur (does it depend on the actions performed at that moment), the type of media files linked, the working mode, which viewers are visible etc.
So, maybe you can add some more information?


This problem goes way beyond particular software and hardware versions. The program is profoundly broken. ELAN crashes regularly on every computer I work on and this is the experience of most people I talk to. I cannot count the hours of work me and colleagues have lost due to crashes (as well as the uniquely odd way of autosaving). When ELAN first came out many years ago it was a tremendous help to fieldworkers. Now, over a decade later, it has become a bloated monster that freezes every 10 minutes and fails to carry out many of its basic functions. I imagine few people will complain so forthrightly because ELAN is free, it has long become the standard, and there are, astoundingly, so few alternatives. I only complain here in order to rouse the programming team from complacency before the whole thing becomes obsolete. I think the only hope is rewriting a streamlined version from scratch. I say this with the utmost sympathy and respect for everyone involved. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your frank comments. Your suggestion will be taken into account.