Copying segments between tiers that meet specific conditions


If I have a parent tier A and I want to copy segments to child tier B, but only segments in A that match a specific code from a CV? Example: pragmatic function (parent tier) segments that are coded RE for repetition > copied to > repetition type (child tier)

Is there a way to do this? Or do I have to copy all of the segments from a parent tier to a dependent tier?



It might be possible to achieve this by using the function Tier->Copy Annotations from Tier to Tier.... In the third step (after selecting source and target tier) there is an option to only copy Annotations where the value is. The user interface doesn’t list the CV entries to select from, so you would have to type the value in the text field (in your example RE).

There maybe restrictions on the tier types of parent and child tier, but I guess in most cases this should work.