Copy recognizer segments to existing tier

Automatic segmentation using e.g. Silence recognizer saves loads of time. It’d be great to be able to save some clicks in the following workflow.

I usually create a new eaf file based on a template file. This creates a couple of empty tiers I’ve predefined in the template. After running a recognizer, I save the segmentation into a new tier. Then it’s possible to copy those segments into one of the pre-existing tiers, and finally delete the new tier created from the recognizer menu. It would be very useful to have the option to save the recognizer segmentation into an existing tier, next to the “Create Tier(s)…” option.

Thanks for the suggestion.
This probably is already a “known issue” but I’ll add it to the wish list if it isn’t already on it.

Hi! Could you explain me how to copy the segments created by the recognizer into an existing tier?

Thanks a lot


You could try the function Tier->Copy Annotations from Tier to Tier… for that? Or doesn’t that work in your situation?