I’ve been trying to import my chat files using the chat2elan command. It produces a .eaf elan file, but the problem is that all of my linking doesn’t follow through. It is my belief that the linking should follow the transcript. Is this correct?

Has anyone else come across this issue?

What do you mean exactly with the linking doesn’t follow through? Are annotations missing, is the alignment of annotations wrong or is the link to the media file(s) lost? Or maybe something else?



Thank you very much for your response.

When I go to the ELAN file, the media is there and the audio file plays but it is not connected to the annotations. (I’m only working with an audio file, so nothing is missing.) The annotations are in the correct order, but they are not lined up with the audio which is heard at that point.

Thank you so much for your help,

I don’t suppose the annotations are off with the same amount of (milli) seconds? So, it’s not a matter of shifting all annotations to the left or right to make them aligned?

You could contact the developers of chat2elan for more information (chat2elan is not developed by the TLA)?


Was there a resolution for you? I am having problems now with waveforms no longer showing up, but all the annotations are there.