Can't pinch zoom on ELAN

Hello, I have changed computers lately (from an old Mac to a new Mac Ventura 13.2.1) using the latest version of ELAN, (6.4), but I can no longer pinch zoom on my annotations using my pad. A colleague has the same thing, but she always uses the little arrow in the bottom right. It turns out that it is missing from my window (cf screenshot), so I can’t zoom in or out manually. Do you know how to fix this?
Thank you!

pinch zooming worked in ELAN versions that were distributed with Apple’s own Java implementation. This didn’t work anymore after upgrading to newer OpenJDK Java versions (I will have to check whether the latest OpenJDK implementations maybe re-introduced support for this type of gestures).

If you want to zoom with the Trackpad, you can hold down the Control key and scroll-up or -down with two fingers. The keyboard combinations Command +, Command - and Command 0 should also work.
More on the zoom slider can be found in this post.

Ok thank you so much, I just used the control key to zoom in and out and it works perfectly! Thanks for the tip! And thanks for sharing the other post, I forgot that it was called a zoom slider.