Can't change font size for menus, labels and buttons

The user interface font size for menus, labels and buttons is very large and there doesn’t seem to be any way of making it smaller. Going to Edit - Preferences - UI, the font size slider’s smallest setting is 100, but this appears far too large. (I’m using version 6.4 on Windows 11).

That preference option was introduced because usually the font size on high resolution displays was considered too small. If changing application specific high DPI settings doesn’t help, the only way to change the defaults is by editing the file in the app folder in ELAN’s installation folder. In a text editor look for the line containing:
Remove the leading # character and change the value to a 0.x value to make the font smaller.


Thanks Han. Editing the file worked fine. (Changing the application-specific DPI settings didn’t make any difference). The font size slider in Edit-Preferences-UI still doesn’t seem to work though, so the only way to adjust the font size for menus, labels and buttons (helpful if you’re screen sharing) is to manually edit the file.

Yes, the setting in the properties file does not change the range in the slider, it overrules whatever is set there. We can consider to change the range of the slider to also allow for making the font smaller.