Cannot open eaf files with double clicking

After installing new ELAN (which was subsequent to reinstalling my OS) ELAN doesn’t want to open files with double clicking. They open, when I use File->Open method. It seems obvious that the problem is Polish character in the file directory. It is indirectly marked in the error message I get, and also somehow confirmed in the log:
INFO: Reading preferences: F:\OneDrive\T�umaczenia\Aleksandra Nowak\przet�umaczone\2009-06-12_Rozalia_Hanusz_Linkus\DW_D0432-01X.pfsx
Using JDS Player for file:///F:/OneDrive/T�umaczenia/Aleksandra Nowak/przet�umaczone/2009-06-12_Rozalia_Hanusz_Linkus/nagrania/DW_D0432-01.wav
How can I solve that problem?

I’m not sure if the problem has to do with Polish characters in the path, the representation in the log might just be a font issue. Especially since those characters don’t seem a problem via File->Open…
You could easily try by creating a test file, e.g. F:\OneDrive\test.eaf or similar and see if that one opens by double clicking.
Are the eaf files displayed with the ELAN logo in File Explorer and does the “Open with” in the Properties window of an eaf file point to ELAN (maybe labeled as OpenJDK platform binary). In other words, is the file association correct?

Hello, thanks for the fast reply.

  1. Yes, files are displayed correctly.
  2. I have tried F:\OneDrive\test.eaf and if opened with double click,
    but F:\OneDrive\testł.eaf (with “ł” character) did not.

I have to apologize for my hasty reply and my assumptions! I should have tested it first, then I would have seen that it indeed doesn’t work. I have to figure out why it doesn’t work, it seems already in the main entry point of ELAN the “special” characters are already replaced, somehow or somewhere the wrong character encoding is assumed. Maybe a property must be set for the executable that starts ELAN, I don’t know yet.