Can I merge two lexicons?


I created a lexicon service and then imported a lexicon for the same language from an old .db file. Is there a way I can merge these two lexicons in ELAN? Or can I export them and merge them some other way and re-import as a single lexicon? Unfortunately I only have access to mac at the moment, so no Toolbox or FLEx access.

Annie Cameron


ELAN doesn’t have a lexicon merging facility (yet), but it might be possible to merge two lexicons by copying, e.g. in an XML editor, the XML of the entries of one lexicon and pasting them in the XML file of the other lexicon. If I understand the situation correctly, there shouldn’t be a problem with duplicate id’s of entries in the two lexicons.
If this works and the lexicon can be opened and used in ELAN, the entries can be sorted in ELAN and stored in that order.
The lexicon XML files are stored by ELAN in the folder “LexanLexicons” in ELAN’s data folder.