Can a child-tier span over several segments in the parent-tier?


I am designing a tier-set and am wondering if it is possible to have child-tier that can have an annotation that spans over several segmentations in the parent-tier.
For example: I have a parent tier where the gloss of a sign is annotated. As a child-tier I have the translation and sometimes it needs to cover several gloss-segments, eg. when a word is spelled, each letter gets its own gloss, but in the translation-tier I would like to have only one segments with the whole word written. Is this possible in a way where I dont have to try and make the exact same boundaries manually, but can select the segments I need?

Thank you in advance
Linea Almgren


If the translation tier is a child tier then the time interval of child annotations are always bound to the time intervals of their so called parent tier. Child inherits its time alignment from the parent tier, hence for a child tier it is not possible to have an annotation which spans over several segments of a parent.
It can be carried out only with another independent tier.


Dear Divya,
thank you for your reply.
Is it possible with an independent tier to select the segments eg. consisting of several letter-glosses in order to make only one translation-annotation that in the timeline contains all of the segments? Or do you have to do the segmentation for the translation manually?

Thank you in advance,
Linea Almgren.

Dear Linea,

There are two ways to create the annotation on that tier

  1. With the translation tier being the active tier, select the gloss annotations of parent tier by ( Alt+Click ) and select all the gloss segments to be covered and use the “New Annotation here” on the translation tier to create the annotation .
  2. Use "New Annotation from Begin-End time and give the begin time as the begin time of the first gloss annotation and end time as the end time of the last gloss annotation, and select the translation tier in the list to create the annotation.