Best Computers for ELAN

Hi Han,

I received a $1,000 grant to purchase a new computer for the purposes of coding on ELAN. What brands or specifications do you recommend for optimized performance on ELAN 6.4?

Hi Gabriel,

I’m afraid I have no grounded opinion on that, especially when it comes to brands; I have simply no comparisons available.
Much can depend e.g. on the codec and the media player. I notice that on my Windows 11 PC, the decoding of mp4 files is automatically performed by the GPU, when using the default Microsoft Media Foundation based player in ELAN. There are different opinions on what is best for decoding video, CPU or GPU, I don’t know who is right.
I guess to have both options available for your type of media files would be the best. I believe there are graphic cards with drivers that allow to configure whether or not to perform video decoding on the GPU (I can not name a brand or type).
Maybe other users with similar type of recordings (when it comes to number, size and duration of the videos per session) can share their experiences, that would probably be best.