Audio not working on Ubuntu 18.04

I recently got a new computer and installed Ubuntu 18.04, VLC, and ELAN 5.9. Everything has been working fine, but when I try to playback audio it produces a white noise sound. The waveform appears just fine, and it produces the white noise sound even when I mute the media or change the volume of the media channel. I have tried the three different audio settings in the Preferences -> Platform/OS menu (VLC Player Library, JavaFX, Java Sound) and restarted the program each time. Any ideas?

I’ve absolutely no idea. You only have a wave file linked, no other files? If in Edit->Linked Files… there is only one file listed, the .wav file, then I have no idea what could be wrong (assuming the file plays without a problem in VLC Player).
The VLC and JavaFX players in ELAN do the playback via some kind of Java-to-native bridge, but the JavaSound player just reads the bytes from the file and pushes them to the audio output channel. So if all three players produce the same white noise, the cause must be on some other level (but I have no idea what level).

After some further testing it appears to only do this with one file (the first in my current project). There must be something wrong within the file itself. I imported it into Audacity and exported it as a new WAV file with the same bitrate and filesize, and that file now works just fine. If you want to investigate further, here are the two files:

Original file
New file re-created with Audacity

I’m having separate issues with video in ELAN, but let me tinker with that and start a separate thread if need be.