Associating EAF file with different audio file

Hi all,

I need to associate an existing .eaf file with a different audio file.

I have two audio files on my drive that share the same file name (rookie data management error on my part). When I attempt to open the .eaf file, ELAN selects the wrong audio file.

Basically what I think I need to do is unlink the incorrect audio file from the .eaf file and then associate the correct audio file with that .eaf file. I’ve searched the manual but can’t locate any instructions on how to do this. Is this possible? If not, are there any work-arounds?


You can use the Edit → Linked Files… menu option from the ELAN to change the media file.
Under the Linked Media Files option, you use Add to add the new audio file and use the Remove button to unlink selected the audio file.

Please find below manual link for the same.
Change the linked media Files