Annex Bugs

I’m encountering tow bugs with Annex at present. Firstly, and most importantly, video and audio are typically out of sync when you select a particular annotation.

Secondly, on selecting an annotation, the mute function is activated, and must be de-activated before playing.

I using a mac and have encountered identical behaviour using both Safari and Firefox.

Has anyone else noticed this. Does it happen when using windows?

Hi Bruce,

many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! I’m currently in charge of Annex and will be happy to help you. Would you mind to post the URL(s) to the resource(s) where you had these problems? Then I’ll check what happens there.

The easiest way would be to send a URL such as

How to get this type of URL? In the IMDI tree, do a right-click on the eaf resource and select ‘create bookmark’. On the right side of the following screen, there will now be a paragraph like
“To save a reference to the IMDI Browser with the tree opened to this node, bookmark the following link: yourresource.eaf”.
Please copy the URL to which the ‘yourresource.eaf’ text is linked to your clipboard and paste it in your reply here.