Aligning time rulers and red time line


I’m having some trouble with aligning the red time line in the linked file (tri-axial accelerometer data in .csv format), and the vertical line in the tier window (photo attached to help explain!). The problem appears for both annotation and synchronisation, except for synchronisation it is impossible to determine where the true alignment is without the tier window as a guide. There is a floating time ruler and when I try to click on the accelerometer data, the red line does not move to the position I click, but the time line in the tier window does respond correctly to the click and move to the clicked position. For me, it seems to be a Mac only problem as I don’t see it when testing on a Windows machine. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Windows machine to continue working at the moment and annotating and/or synchronising is impossible with this issue on a Mac.

I have checked that the “Connected to Other Viewers with a Time Scale” option is selected as I saw had been advised previously, but sadly this did not solve it. I’m currently running ELAN 5.7 and macOS Catalina.

Thanks so much in advance - I’ve be very grateful for any advice!

  • Kamila

This problem should be fixed in ELAN 5.9. It seems to have been introduced with the move from Java 1.6 or 1.7 to Java 11. It is visible on Windows as well, e.g. in version 5.8. (You might actually be running 5.7-AVFX? But I can be wrong about that.)
Anyway, updating to 5.9 should solve this problem for you.


Thank you so much, updating to 5.9 has fixed it!