Adding language to Language List in Arbil


I tried looking for an answer in the help related files and on the forums and didn’t find anything specifically touching on this. If there is a answer already, please direct me to it. Thanks!

I’ve recently begun using Arbil for a project that I am working on in Taiwan. The language is severely endangered and uses a very recent writing system loosely based on IPA. While beginning to set up the project, I noticed there is a long list of languages in the Language List. However, I cannot find any way to add languages to this list. It would be nice to add this language to the list, if possible. If this is possible, I would like to know how. If not, at least I would like to know so I stop trying to find an way to do it! Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Chris,

at the moment this list is managed centrally here at TLA. It is an open Controlled Vocabulary, so you can always enter a name that is not on the list. But if you will use the language a lot, we can add it to the list for you. Please tell me the language name and the ISO code and I will add it to the list for you. Either here or by e-mail.

But you are right that this should be documented somewhere. We will add it to the Arbil documentation soon.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for the reply. I sent an email with details.