About the TLA projects category

An overview of current and past projects that TLA is or has been involved with, can be found in this category.

Most projects that TLA has participated or is participating in are concerned with language data and related infrastructure — some with 1) time series data (audio, video, etc) and its annotation , others with 2) lexical and other knowledge data (concept registries, conceptual spaces, etc), still others with rather general matters of 3) data management, metadata and archive administration .

The Technical Group (TG) at the Max-Plack-Institute for Psycholinguistics, and now The Language Archive (TLA), has been engaged in technical and research projects since the 1990ies. Most of the projects are of a collaborative nature and increasingly involve partners from other countries than the Netherlands and Germany.

A core example of this is the DOBES research programme for documenting endangered languages comprising over 50 international research teams, which was not feasible without the engaged participation of regional and local researchers worldwide, besides the active support by the speaker communities themselves.

Since 2008, the TG/TLA is one of the core participants in the CLARIN initiative which is pan-European by its very nature covering about 200 of the relevant centres in Europe, aiming at conceiving and implementing a European digital research infrastructure around language resources and tools.

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