About Shibboleth & Identity Federations

An increasing number of institutions in research and higher education are becoming part of so-called Identity Federations. The goal of these is to enable academic users to use their own institutional account to access services of other trusted organisations. When users choose to log in to a certain service via this method, their password is never shared with these other services. Instead, the user is redirected to their home institution's login page, and once the login is successful, the service that the user is trying to use will be notified about that and will log them in as well. Certain information about the user will be shared with the service. It varies per home institution which user details are shared.

At The Language Archive, we require each user to have a User ID, an Email Address, and a Full Name. A User ID in one form or another is always provided, but if the Email Address or Full Name is not provided by the home organisation, the user will be asked to provide these when first logging in. We will never use your details for anything other than the archive and we will not share your details with anyone else except if you apply for access to certain restricted materials. In that case, we will contact the depositor with your request, which includes your full name and possibly your affiliation.

A widely used system for this way of authenticating is called "Shibboleth", which is also what we are using. We are part of the CLARIN Service Provider Federation. This enables academic users from many European countries and some non-European countries to log in to our service with their own institutional account. If your institution is listed when you select the "Login with Shibboleth" link, please try to log in with your own academic account, instead of creating a new account for the archive. If your institution is listed, but the login fails for some reason, please let us know via the contact form, such that we can work with your institution to try and resolve the problem.